Sri Lankan Buddhist Templaes - United Kingdom

Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara

Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara is one of the leading Buddhist community centre in West Midlands which composing of all different traditions of Buddhism Theravada and Mahayana. Both the Theravadian and Mahayana traditions are represented at the Birmingham Buddhist Maha Vihara and we cater for the religious needs of all communities. Members of all these communities serve on the temple’s advisory committee.

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Mahamevnawa Bhavana Asapuwa

Mahamevnawa International Meditation Centre is one of the few places in the United Kingdom where Buddhist meditation is taught and practised. We offer an invaluable opportunity, which people can come and participate in Dhamma programmes. Sometimes a visit to Mahamevnawa may be a chance to step outside of household concerns for a few hours to get a new perspective or an opportunity to meet, or re-connect with spiritual friends. People are welcome to visit Mahamevnawa. Come for an hour, an afternoon, an evening or a day.

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Kingsbury Vihara

Kingsbury Vihara (Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre)  has two principal aims: to promote the understanding of Buddhism in the West, and to preserve the Buddhist culture among its supporters.

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Athula Dassana International

Athula Dassana International Buddhist Temple is established under the patronage of Ven. Borella Athula, the chief Incumbent of Athula Dassana Buddhist Center, Buddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.
The Profile of the Head Monk of the Temple is Ven. Wanduramba Kassapa Thero

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Letchworth Buddhist Temple

The inception of the Letchworth Buddhist community centre was an opportune need of the local community in Letchworth and surrounding areas. Inauguration of the centre took place in the year 2000 at 69, Pix Road in Letchworth. The main sponsorship was given by the SLSCO FLAME and the Venerable monks were invited from Sri Lanka. Ven. Nahalle Indrasiri,(Head of the Wanavasa Vihara in Bentota), Ven. Dambara Rewatha (Head of the Gallena Rajamaha Viharaya), Ven. Nawala Chandawimala (Resident monk of the Siddhaththaramaya, Nawala) and Ven. Nahalle Rahula ( A senior pupil of Ven. Dambara Rewatha) kindly accepted the invitation to institute the Buddhist community centre.

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Letchworth Dhamma Nikethanaya

he Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Academy is a delightful International Cultural Community Centre for Education, Meditation, Psychotherapy and Counselling. It is situated in Letchworth Garden City, in Hertfordshire in United Kingdom. The Centre was established in 2004. Ven Akurala Samitha is the founder and the head of the centre. Centre is open from 6AM till 9PM Seven Days of the Week.

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Scotland's Buddhist Vihara

Scotland's Buddhist Vihara is not only a Buddhist temple that offers the full range of Buddhist practice, it is also a community resource offering a variety of courses, inter-faith events and learning opportunities for Scots and Asian people. We are committed to developing an inclusive and innovative environment  to support an exchange of ideas, beliefs and culture between 'east and west' through meaningful dialogue and tolerance.

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Thames Buddhist Vihara

In 1982 it would have been an almost impossible task indeed. No one could have foreseen any prospect, whatsoever, of success of such an ambitious venture. It could not have been anything other than a figment of imagination in the Venerable’s mind because, to set up another Buddhist Temple in London, was a task simply not financially feasible, at the time, when most of the Srilankan Buddhists, on whom the Venerable was heavily dependent for support, were young families recently arrived in the United Kingdom, with considerable responsibilities of setting themselves up in the host country and to provide for children of school going age.

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London Buddhist Vihara

The London Buddhist Vihara is a leading centre for Theravada Buddhism. Founded in 1926 by Anagarika Dharmapala, the Vihara was the first Buddhist monastery to be established outside the continent of Asia. It has continued its task of disseminating the Dhamma with resident bhikkhus (monks) from Sri Lanka throughout this period, with the exception of the 1940s due to World War II. The Vihara moved to Chiswick during 1964 when the Anagarika Dharmapala Trust of Sri Lanka purchased the freehold property at Heathfield Gardens. In 1994 the Vihara moved to new spacious premises in The Avenue, Chiswick, London W4.

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Leicester Buddhist Vihara
The Leicester Buddhist Vihara is a Buddhist temple and one of the leading centres of Buddhism in Leicester and the UK.  We provide help, advice, teaching and training to the Buddhist community and those with an interest in Buddhism or meditation.  Beginners are most definitely welcome as well as experienced Buddhists.
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