You are exposed

Remember the days when we were waiting for the postman? The letters were delivered just once a day in the morning unless there was a telegram, most probably informing of a death.

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Will Scotland go?

The history of Scotland goes back to 10,000 years. Records began after the arrival of the Roman Empire in the first century. There were several wars with neighbouring English invaders in the 13th and 14th centuries and gained independence under King David ||. The independence lasted for 300 years until the two countries shared a monarch since the Union of the Crowns in 1603.

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Another summer story

Until we arrived in the UK we had no idea about the clock changes before summer and autumn. The very first year we turned up an hour early for work without knowing the time had been turned back an hour the day before. The UK changes time twice a year. They turn the clock one hour forward around end March, losing an hour. During this, the time difference to Colombo is four hours and 30 minutes. Time wise Colombo is ahead. Again in the last week of October, the clocks go back making the Colombo time difference to five and a half hours. People are used to it. In the summer the day is long. The longest day in the UK is June 21. On June 21, 2014, the sun rose at 4.43 a.m. and set at 9.21 p.m. There was 16 hours 38 minutes and nine seconds of sunshine available. But shops or any establishments would not open than the usual business hours.

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Miss Winter marries Mr Frost

The hereditary name, commonly referred to as the surname can come from various sources. It could have been given by the king, descending from your clan or the village you were born etc. My father was from the village of Hegoda in Batuwantudawa in the Galle district. He has taken the name of his village as the surname. So we have inherited it. There are many names connected to villages as we know.

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A tale of two cities

About two decades ago, I attended a week training session in an office in a London suburb. There was a pretty young lady who worked in the office three hours a day cleaning the office. This also included cleaning toilets.

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Oh! Mr. Obama

The White House is no strange to romances. Since the beginning of the 19th century, there have been strange relationships and extra marital affairs by Presidents of the United States. Some just faded away. Unfortunately, for some, they are still being talked about and quoted.

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The age of Law

It is a belief that educational examinations held in the UK are to pass candidates whereas in Sri Lanka they are to fail them. Whoever passes the Advanced Level examination in the UK get the opportunity to study at a university there. One can criticise the Sri Lankan way of selection to study at a university but it depends mainly on our economy and the resources available.

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Leave this tiny land in Peace

land in the shape of a tear drop existed for millions of years closer to India. It gave all four weather seasons at the same time in different parts of it and it belonged to an ancient race for thousands of years.

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Grandparent wonder

It is very comfortable that ammi is around. She takes my small one home from school, change, feed and wait until we come from work. My daughter loves to be with her (what the daughter who lives in Colombo thinks).

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Prince Charles’ Kingdom

Countless amounts of kings have been killed in history by their sons to gain power. Almost every country in the world has experienced situations where kingdoms have changed hands with blood. The fate of King Dhatusena is an example. There could be other reasons. Almost the entire royal family of Nepal was assassinated by the crown prince. Luckily, some kings were not killed but overthrown by their own sons.

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