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ඥානිස්සර හිමිට දිගායු පතයි

ප්‍රංශයේ අධිකරණ සංඝනායක පැරිස් නුවර ජේතවන විහාරස්ථානාධිපථි පුජ්‍ය මුරුන්ගස්යායේ ඤානිස්සර හිමියන්ගේ 70 වන ජන්මදිනය උදෙසා උන්වහන්සේට සෙත් පැතීමේ පින්කමක් නිව්යෝර්ක් නුවර ස්ටැටන් අයිලන්ඩ් බෞද්ධ විහාරස්ථානයේදී විහාරාධිපති හීන්බුන්නේ කොණ්ඩඤ්ඤ හිමියන්ගේ ප්‍රදානත්වයෙන් පවත්වනු ලැබිය.

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SRI LANKA CAPTIVATES PARIS  “Guest of Honour” at the Diplomatic Garden Party on French National Day

Sri Lanka had the unprecedented distinction of being the “Guest of Honor” at the Gala Diplomatic Garden Party organized by the prestigious “Diplomatique” journal in celebration of the French National Day on July 14th. The event was sponsored by several top-tier French transnational corporations and held at the majestic Pavilion Dauphine in Paris.  

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Ambassador Hangawatte attends Prize- giving ceremony in Tamil School, Bondy

Liens et cultures, (Links and Cultures), a Tamil cultural association located in the Paris suburb of Bondy celebrated its 6th end-of year student graduation at the City Hall in Bondy.

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The 100th birth anniversary of Professor Ediriweera Sarachchandra was commemorated at UNESCO on 10th June 2014 under the auspices of the Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova and the Honorable Minister of Culture, T. B. Ekanayake. The recognition and commemorations of the centenary birth anniversary of the Sri Lankan playwright, poet and author, who has been hailed as a cultural icon, was an integral part of the programme of historic events and anniversaries of eminent persons of universal dimensions being commemorated this year at UNESCO.

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Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Irina Bokova and Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Anura Dissanayake signed the Agreement establishing Sri Lanka’s first UNESCO Category II South Asian Centre for Teacher Development at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris on 10th June 2014. This is the first such regional Centre in the world under the auspices of UNESCO dedicated to Teacher Development. This Centre will serve the South Asian region.

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ජනාධිපති ආර්යාව ප්‍රංශ විහාරයේ

ජනාධිපති ආර්යා ශිරන්ති රාජපක්ෂ මැතිනිය පසුගියදා ප්‍රංශ ජාත්‍යන්තර බෞද්ධ මධ්‍යස්ථානයේ පැවති විශේෂ පින්කමක් සඳහා සහභාගී වුවාය.

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First Lady inaugurates series of events to mark Vesak at UNESCO

First Lady Madam Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksa inaugurated a series of events organized by the Permanent Delegation of Sri Lanka to UNESCO and the Embassy of Sri Lanka in France to commemorate Vesak at UNESCO in Paris under the theme of ‘Interfaith and Intercultural Awareness towards Peace’. Among the distinguished guests present were Mr Lalith Weeratunga, Secretary to the President, Ven. Prof. Kumburugamuwe Vajira Thero, Chancellor of the University of Sabaragamuwa, His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, Archbishop of Colombo, Rev. Laksumikantham I. J. Kurukkal, Al Haj De Ash-Shaikk As-Seyed Hassan Moulana Al-Quadiri, Chief Priest of the Colombo Dewatagaha Masjid. Ven. Dr. Bodagama Chandima Thero, International Affairs Advisor to the President and a large number of Buddhist priests from around the world also participated in the events.

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පැරිස් ජාත්‍යන්තර බෞද්ධ විහාරයේ වෙසක් පිංකම 2014

ප්‍රංශයේ ජාත්‍යන්තර බෞද්ධ සංවිධානය මඟින් පැරිස් ජාත්‍යන්තර බෞද්ධ මධ්‍යස්ථානාධිපති පුජ්‍ය පරවාහැර චන්දරතන නාහිමියන්ගේ අනුශාසනා පරිදි වාර්ෂිකව සංවිධානය කරනු ලබන වෙසක් අනුස්මරණ පිංකම දින දෙකක් තුල පවත්වනු ලැබීය.

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පැරිස් විහාරයේ නව බුදු මැඳුර විවෘත කෙරේ

පැරිස් නුවර ප්‍රංශයේ ජාත්‍යන්තර බෞද්ධ මධ්‍යස්ථානයේ අලුතින් ඉදිකරනු ලැබූ දෙමහල් විහාර මන්දිරය විවෘත කිරීමේ පිංකම පසුගියදා විහාරාධිපති  ප්‍රංශයේ ප්‍රධාන සංඝනායක පුජ්‍ය පරවාහැර චන්දරතන නාහිමියන් ගේ අනුසාෂකත්වයෙන් පවත්වනු ලැබිය.

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Callum Macrae presented with facts on Sri Lanka

Following a successful side event at the Palais des Nations, where “The Last Phase”, a documentary based on the lives of two former LTTE combatants and told from the point of view of Jeyawadani, a former female combatant, who grew up with the doctrine of the said terrorists group in ‘Sencholai’ and spent her youth in the medical wing of the same group, participating in many of battles launched by this group.

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