Over Whelming Response HUMANITY AT ITS BEST

Last Saturday, this column highlighted how helpless Asirigama villagers in Habarana have been 'Deprived and Discarded'. The news went viral on the Internet to generate overwhelming responses from fellow Sri Lankans and the expatriate community living aboard. The main story revolved on the seven-day-old baby Kavishka Sandaruwan, who was killed by a dog, but the plight of the villagers too seems to have touched many a heart.

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Deprived and Discarded

On the 19 September 2017, the writer started on a journey from Colombo to Habarana, following a tragedy that was highlighted by Sirasa News First programme on a heartbreaking new flash about Kavishka Sandaruwan, a seven-day-old baby who died due to an “unprecedented dogguzzling.” She had been wrapped up with some “rags” (the only sheets parents could afford) and placed the baby on the clay floor and covered with a mesh inside the family’s “shanty.

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Remembering Vivien Gunawardena

Vivian Gunawardena has gone down in Sri Lankan politics as a dynamic woman who embraced politics long before 'Women's lib' was heard of in the West. Being fearless and outspoken, a quality that she inherited from his uncle, the late Phillip Gunawardena (Boralugoda Lion), she pioneered and set up Sri Lanka's first Socialist Women's Organisation – The United Women's Trust. Vivian Gunewardena's 101st birthday or the 31st death commemoration falls on 3 October 2017. As a tribute to this outspoken, fearless female politician, the writer wishes to reminisce about a personal interview he had with her in London, at the time she cut short her holiday, purposely to take an active role on the political platform in Sri Lanka, prior to the general elections on 16 August 1994.

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Tiger Cannot Change its Stripes

By Dr. Tilak S. Fernando

 A bird may fly up and up in the sky, with a free feeling and unaffected, but there comes a time, during his journey, when it decides to go in search of a branch to perch on! Likewise, could it be interpreted to say that Rev. Father S. J. Emmanuel, the leader of the UK based Tamil Forum, has finally decided to re-visit Sri Lanka ‘on a low profile’, after engaging in a vicious propaganda campaign against Sri Lanka by defending the terrorist activities of the LTTE by calling it a liberation struggle committed to usher in the state of Eelam?

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Peoples` Worst Enemy

A young girl just over 16, whom the writer was sponsoring for her education at a private international school, decided to elope with an unemployed youth of 19 years of age last month, just ahead of her GCE (O/L) examination in December. This nonsensical act devastated all her parents' ambitions and expectations. It makes us difficult to comprehend the mentality of the present day youths who get blinded by infatuation at such a tender age. It may be too late for her to realize her folly now, but certainly she has dug her own grave, influenced by two of her friends (girls) according to the principal of the international school, who had advised the girl's mother on several occasions, when he came to know how she played truant.

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 Expatriates and Sinhala Culture

During Ranasingha Premadasa's Executive Presidency, the Sri Lankan expatriate community in the UK had grown excessively due to an exodus of 'genuine' and 'economic' refugees followed by the devastating situations that existed during 1971, 1987 and 1989 with the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) insurgency, along with the Black July (Kaṟuppu Yúlai) against the anti-Tamil campaign in 1983.

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Hullabaloo  surrounding a Mercedes BenZ
Athula Withanage - The Living Capsule

Athula Withanage - THE LIVING CAPSULE 2017-09-02

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A Believer in Buddhism never goes wrong


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Cats are coming out of the bag


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