The British created the first Constitution for British-Ceylon and crafted the Donoughmore Commission in 1927. It being not very successful, Ceylonese demanded a Constitutional reform. Consequently the State Council of Ceylon, consisting 58 members was formed in 1932, with A.F.Molamure as the first Chairman. The State Council granted the universal franchise to Ceylonese for the first time.

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Let me be my own Valentine

For many in the modern society, Valentine's Day has turned out to be an occasion filled with an impressive series of events, especially for the teenage crowd. 14 of February becomes a day filled with fun, for all those who have received a Valentine's Day card, an invitation for a party or dance, or even for those eligible bachelors and damsels, who are disappointed at the distinct lack of a marriage proposal.

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People in this country appointed Maithripala Sirisena as the President in January 2015, with the backing of several political parties and civic groups, to abolish the executive presidency, hold Parliamentary elections and to execute various political reforms and to appoint commissions to oversee the Judiciary, Police, Elections Department, Auditor General's Department and the Attorney-General's Department; and primarily to strengthen the Commission on Bribery and Corruption with an undertaking that as President, he would clean up the present defiled political system, and create a clean country; take all necessary steps to punish all dishonest and corrupt politicians irrespective of their status or the political party they belong to, and to ensure that the law of the country applies equally to every citizen. 

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Politics Sans Morals
The Day August Assembly went to the Dogs

On the 10th of January 2018, Sri Lanka created history inside the Parliament Chamber at Diyawanna with contemptible behaviour, displayed by some members of the Joint Opposition (JO) and the UNP members, which ended up in a brawl, when a special sitting was convened to table the report compiled by the Commission of Inquiry on the Treasury Bond Scam, and 34 reports of Presidential Commission of Inquiry to investigate and inquire into Serious acts of Fraud, Corruption and Abuse of Power, State Resources and Privileges (PRECIFAC).

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Celebrate Independence with a Pirith Ceremony

The month of January 2018 strikes a chord with the writer for two reasons; firstly he has grown older by yet another year, and secondly, it dawns on his second anniversary with Ceylon Today Newspaper.

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When clouds gather in high skies, they are usually accompanied by rain, lightning, and thunder. In the same manner, education too should be accompanied by wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence. Children of today are going to be the future citizens of this nation.

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ADIOS 2017

Twelve months have faded away like the stars, and it feels like yesterday. Here again, we are on the eve of another new year with full of hopes. Everyone, in Sri Lanka, expected so many changes, year on year, particularly from the dawn of January 2015, with full of optimism and expectations once the 'Yahapalanaya' Government was elected to office. Nearly three years have lapsed since, yet the outlook has become grim and dismal with corruption, bribery, and politicians becoming labelled as 'deal captains'! With the much speculated local government council elections due in February 2018, people need to pull out their crystal ball once again to have a vigilant look in a mindful manner, if and to whom, they should vote for.

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Grip on your Sarong

The latest chorus song by Sunil Perera, Desmond de Silva, Anesley Dias, and Rajiv Sebastian, dedicated to the theme, 'The Sarong,' is doing the normal rounds on the Internet, and via emails. The song itself is humorously entertaining. I have written earlier too, on this subject, but the latest hit song about the 'Sarama' inspired me to write about it again.

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So, this is Christmas!

The year 2017 has been on a roller coaster ride, where the ordinary folk on it have been screaming each time there was a bump on the ride, while a few selected privileged ones have been throwing their hands up and enjoying the ride. At the end of yet another year, there comes Christmas, either to celebrate or follow Jesus Christ's advice, which is 'not to concentrate only on amassing wealth, but to understand that all evil things come from within the man's heart to defile him, unless the heart is pure and the mind is cleansed' (Mark 7:21-23).

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