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Ran Kevita 2 –  Children’S Film For The Family Photograph by Nilantha Piyadharshana

I had the opportunity of being part of the specially invited audience of the premiere show for the media and a special VIP audience at the Regal Cinema in Colombo when Udayakantha Warnasuriya released his latest film Ran Kevita 2.  His first film on the same theme Ran Kevita 1  was releasedto markthe International Children's Year in  2006.

Ran Kevita 2 is a continuation of Ran Kevita 1 produced especially for the viewing pleasure of Children, rated under the General Audience Category G.

The story in  Ran Kevita 1was based  on  a 12-year-old boy Suran and his friend, Janith while on a  school vacation venture on an adventure to explore the panoramic beauty of a village.

During the whole of their vacation they managed to invent a herbal mixture which helped  them prepare a Anduna ( mixture of the power and water pasted on to the back of a saucer) which enabled them to see demons and spirits through it ( Anjanan Eliya).

During their experiments one day they saw  through the Anduna, the Gopalu Demon ( devil who is  believed to be in cattle sheds) and made friends with him. The demon had a magic stick ( Ran Kevita or Golden stick) that produced anything one wished and equally performed whatever the holder of the stick concentrated on.

With the help of this golden stick,  the duo performed magical acts for the benefit of the village. However once a village thug stole it and made villainy out of the village, but finally the duo with the help of a young Buddhist monk managed to recover the stick back.

In Ran Kevita 1 Udakantha Managed to bring about digital technology as an introduction to the Sri Lankan cinema but in Ran Kevita 2 he has surpassed many a technogical barrier according to Sri Lankan standards where he has spent three years with his film crew to bring about digital technology as a novel introduction to the Sri Lankan cinema using a state of the art Red Camera.

In Rankevita – 2,  Suran  visits his friend Janith  to spend their school vacation in Colombo and takes the Gopalu Yaka concealed in a gunny bag  ( secretly  replacing the  coconuts his father had packed  to be taken to his friend’s parents).

Clandestinely the boys get the  Gopalu demon into their bed room where others in the household cannot  see . The only problem with the devil is that,  it  is unable to face the sunlight but in the night becomes very active.

The two friends enjoy thoroughly the company of the Gopalu Demon and do numerous acts in public with the help of the Ran Kevita as it turns everything to whatever the holder thinks about instantaneously.

Once when they were about to help a  rich lady in a mansion who lives by herself  the duo get caught to a police officer while trying to climb over  the tall parapet wall of the mansion with the help of the magic wand. Subsequently they come across two thugs who try to endanger them  but Gopalu Yaka’s golden stick  helps them to escape.  Both the friends do miracles through the golden stick.

The whole film is about  Suran’s and Janith’s adventures and brave deeds with the help of Gopalu Yaka and his Ran Kevita which is full of hilarity and enjoyable from start to the end. It should appeal to the children undoubtedly where parents and children could sit together and watch the film which is very rare in the present circumstances in our cinematic entertainment.

Rankeivta 2 script was written and directed by Udayakantha Warnasuriya  and produced  by  Ranjith Jayasuriya, Ivan Jayarante, Janitha Marasinghje along with Udayakantha Warnasuriya for Millennium Entertainment films.

To complete the film it has taken over three years with shooting done in various locations of Sri Lanka spreading from Tissamaharama, Situl Pahuwa, Ambiliplitiya and Ambilipitiya etc with three dimensional animation work under the supervision of Maheel R. Perera, Thilanka Perera, Siddhartha Nayanananda and Analee de Silva.

Harith Samarasinghe, Hisham Samudeen, Ananda Wickremage, Susantha Chandramali, Saman Hemarathne, Damith Saluwadene, Asela Jayakodi, Don Guy, Ananda Athukorala, Kumara Thiramadura, Janesh Silva, Chatura Perera, Sangeetha Thadani, Benette Rathnayake, Madhusheni Janathri  perform the main roles.  Cricketer Chaminda Vaas  too plays a guest role in the film Ran Kevita  2  demons feats are  depicted through three dimension animation technology.

Udakantha Warnasuriya  has reached the zenith in the Sri Lankan cinematic world  as an  accomplished  director with a flair for creativity in selecting contemporary   themes. In some of his productions/directions he has taken the credit for writing the story line and the film script by himself. These very talented qualities have made him a popular director.  Some of his previous films include  Gini Avi Saha Ginikeli ( Fire arms & Fire Play), Rajye Sevaya Pinisai ( Government Service only), Yakada Pihatu ( Iron Wings), Maha Mera Usata ( Up to the Heavens).

As a talented all rounder  he has been able to prove his  mettle as a Director, Producer and a Script writer on various themes from serious, comedy to contentious films, and his latest shift  to towards venturing into the high technology, even as a preliminary attempt to Sri Lankan film industry,  adds another feather in his cap.

As an adult I thoroughly enjoyed the film and  I am sure the young children will adore it and enjoy it to the full with special effects such as Suran flying inside a soap bubble,  Suran and Janith  riding a bicycle on the water without getting drowned to cross the river to escape from a police chase with the aid of the Ran Kevita  and finally ‘ flying’ a pick-up motor vehicle up in the air.

The film also gives a clear message to the young minds, out of the magical acts the two friends perform with the help of the Golden Magic Stick,  which is always to eradicate bad whenever they see wrong doings on  day to day occurrences -  eg.  They spot a grown up man trying to shoplift from a supermarket by hoarding stuff inside his trouser pockets at which point  one slight tap with the golden stick on the man’s trousers make it inflate like a balloon and the trousers to burst open and  stolen goods to fall off on to the shop floor.  Hilarious on surface but sends out a vital message to say that stealing is immoral.

Ran Kevita 2  can be classified  as one hundred percent successful children’s film that the whole family could  sit together to watch  and enjoying themselves from the beginning to the end without parents having to be embarrassed in front of their children.

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Photograph by Nilantha Piyadharshana

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