Sri Express Blog is a global web platform for Sri Lankans around the world. Our mission is to provide a free web portal for the global Sri Lankan community to share their cultural news, events, artciles and images for free. We collaborate with contributors from different countries to make this effort as widely available as possible.

The success of this endeavour depends on your individual contributions and anyone is welcome to upload event blogs and articles. We maintain an automated system for uploading articles which is easy to use.


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Articles and News blogs are properties of Author/Writer/Original-Source/Photographer/Blogger. Sri Express blog does not responsible for the content of those materials. Articles and News blogs on Sri Express are from independent journalists, individuals, bloggers or might be from other websites. The views expressed in all articles/ news blogs are those of the author/editor and do not necessarily represent the views of Sri Express blog. Sri Express shall not be liable for the accuracy, content or the reliability of any news item or article. The comments contained within this blog are personal reflection only and do not reflect the views of the Sri Express Blog.

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Disclaimer: Sri Express does not endorse or adhere to views or opinions expressed in the articles posted. This is purely an information site, to inform interested parties of sri lankans around the world. Photos and other content materials posted at SriExpress might be from other websites, the legal copyrights of those content belong to the actual owners. Using or re posting any content without prior written consent of copyright owners is not permitted. Publisher have taken every effort to acknowledge the copyright owners where possible, but there might be some missing out. If you feel any of your copyrighted material is seen without acknowledgement, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will remove them immediately from the site.

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